Nothing overly extraordinary, but also far from the wave of zombie junk that the film industry is in the midst of, the 2012 Casey Walker directed and produced film, “A Little Bit Zombie” provides a small and refreshing boost to this sub-genre of Horror movies.

Based around a four person getaway vacation where the soon-to-be-husband (Kristopher Turner) is infected by the virus in an unconventional zombie way, by a mosquito, the film then turns into a comedic twist throughout the remainder of the 87 minutes.

Everything about “A Little Bit Zombie” is super solid and keeps the viewers attention for the most part. Lots of memorable one liners with a good script, a crazy chick fight and lots of drooling and a disturbing animal brain eating scene or two. Some of the soundtrack should have been omitted though.

The final sequences caught my attention until right before the credits rolled, where I was fairly upset with the outcome, but I guess to each his own on that notion. Even though I don’t think “A Little Bit Zombie” tapped into it’s full potential, I do recommend this to any Zombie fan, a small breath of fresh air for this sub-genre with lots of laughs and good humor.

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